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We are dedicated to providing the highest quality greenhouses for the home gardener.

The Cole Greenhouse is available in 8 models and 46 sizes, which we deliver and install at your location. The all-aluminium construction ensures many years of enjoyment with no rust or maintenance. With a variety of models and selection of lengths, the Cole Greenhouse is perfectly suited for both residential and educational settings.


If you prefer the do-it-yourself approach, Sunshine Gardenhouse™ kits are easy to assemble.

We also carry a full line of greenhouse equipment – including gas heaters, electric heaters, evaporative coolers, fans, vents, shade cloth, and acrylic modified fiberglass panels in clear or sun block white.


All of the Cole Greenhouses are produced from durable aluminum frames, and specially welded at the joints for strength. This all-aluminium construction requires absolutely NO maintenance and provides many years of rust-free enjoyment, regardless of climate conditions.

Superior Aluminum Frame Construction

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Acrylic Modified Greenhouse Fiberglass

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Professional On-Site Installation

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Screened Windows and Door

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