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The Cole

All of Cole Greenhouses Are Produced From Durable Aluminum Frames


Maintenance Free Aluminum Framing

All of the Cole Greenhouses are produced from durable aluminum frames, and specially welded at the joints for strength. This all-alluminum construction requires absolutely NO maintenance and provides many years of rust-free enjoyment, regardless of climate conditions.


Tough Translucent Covering

Our greenhouses are covered with breakage resistant Acrylic Modified Fiberglass (AMF), which will withstand high winds, extreme temperatures, and even hail. These panels will not shatter like glass, meaning less concerns about repairs and safety. The AMF panels will transmit 96% of available diffused sunlight for optimum growing conditions. In cases where less light is desired, Sun Block White panels are an option.

No Hassle Installation

Because the Cole Greenhouse is not sold in kit form, you don’t spend hours of your time with frustrating instruction booklets, tools, parts and pieces. Every Cole unit is installed at your location by our highly trained professionals, so that you may immediately experience the pleasure of your new greenhouse.


Shelving Included

All Cole models include treated lumber shelves which run the full length of both sides. If you need more room to sit extremely tall plants directly on the ground, the shelving may be easily removed.

Screened Windows and Door

The front door and rear windows come complete with screens, giving you better control over temperatures and insect management. Door and windows are also made of rust-free aluminum.

The Cole Greenhouse – Models and Sizes


No Foundation Required

* For for greenhouses sixteen feet and less in lenght, no foundation is required. Although, we must have a level site with enough room around the greenhouse to work during installation. For larger greenhouses, the property owner may provide a foundation, or we offer a 4×4 treated lumber foundation which may be purchased separately. Please call us to discuss details.

No Fence Removal

There is no need to remove fences or bring heavy equipment across your lawn. When installing the greenhouse, we only require a small gate for entrance to the yard.

Foam Sealed

All of our greenhouses are sealed with foam closure strips on each end, and even the individual screws securing the fiberglass have miniature rubber seals. These extra measures help retain internal temperatures, and repel external moisture.

Hanging Baskets

Integrated supports for hanging baskets run the full length on both sides of the Cole Greenhouse.


If you out grow your greenhouse, we can extend it for you at a later date by removing the front or back panel, and adding more ribs.

Proud to be Made In America

Cole Distributors